taking stock

Well, it’s been a while.  Here’s where I am at…

Drinking:  Too much coffee.  I usually stick to one a day.

Reading:  Cookbooks mostly.

Looking:  out at the city skyline from my work desk

Playing: too many computer games

Deciding:  what to do with the next decade of my life

Wishing:  I was twenty years younger

Enjoying:  the company of lovely work mates

Waiting:  for my next day off

Loving:  these sunny spring skies

Considering:  going back to school

Watching:  Doctor Who!

Marvelling:  at how quickly time passes

Needing:  new glasses

Smelling:  Pittosporum blossoms and freesia in our garden

Wearing:  flannelette pyjamas when I get home from work

Following:  some lovely people on Instagram

Coveting: overseas holidays and shoes. always shoes

Knowing:  I can’t keep putting off doing my tax return

Thinking:  a lot about the past

Admiring:  strong, capable women

Buying:  too many magazines

Disliking:  office politics and budget cuts

Giggling:  with my hubby

Snacking:  on bananas

Feeling:  restless and a little bit grumpy

Hoping:  I can starting blogging regularly from now on

(Thanks to Pip at Meet Me at Mikes for the prompt!)