cumquat jam


Here is the result of an interesting afternoon’s (and evening’s) hard work: two cups of cumquat jam (or marmalade).

After cutting the tiny oranges into slivers and painstakingly saving all the slippery little pips and soaking them separately in water overnight, it took all afternoon to end up a very small quantity of beautiful, tangy, orangey goodness. My afternoon’s adventures included:

– buying jars (I only had one)
– forgetting to buy sugar (cobbled together enough from several containers on the baking shelf)
– squeezing lemon juice into a bowl only to drop the juicer and smash the bowl
– sweeping up broken crockery
– braving the gale force winds to go to the supermarket to buy another lemon
– dropping the jam-testing plate as I opened the freezer
– sweeping up broken crockery
– spilling hot, sticky jam everywhere while trying pour jam from a massive new ladle into a very small jar
– washing jam off my arms and face
– waiting an hour to clean up the jammy kitchen because for some reason the tap was spouting rusty water all of a sudden

What I learnt:
2 cups of fruit makes two cups of jam.
Dark green skins turn an ugly shade of brown when you add the sugar, so only use orange cumquats.
That little gourmet jar of conserve you bought at the deli is worth every cent, because making it is such hard work, especially those pesky pips.
Cumquat jam tastes lovely.